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The original went live on the world wide web in 2000 (maybe a year before). At the time, there was only myself as "DJ Kalif". Later on, I found out there was a Belgium hip-hop DJ with the same name. A few years after, from time to time, I would get an email from one of his fans thinking I was him. It was all good.

Various versions of the website were created in the following years. A year or two after "retiring" from DJing, the site was also permanently retired. I always thought that the domain would soon be in someone's else's hands, as more DJ Kalifs were popping up in the music world.

When I unexpectedly started producing tunes again after my mother passed away, in a relatively short time, I found myself with dozens of tracks. I figured it was time a good time to release music once more. I was aware there were now dozens of Kalifs around the world. I could have just used my real name and start fresh, but the whole process of making music had many meanings. One of them, getting back in touch with a part of myself that I had left aside for various reasons. None regarding music, except not relating to many changes that took place in the electronic music scene. I was fine restarting from scratch, but "Kalif" was part of the picture. A short while ago, I was surprised to find out the domain of this site was available. With all the social media, Bandcamps and other music pages, it's not necessary to have a personal site. But there's some history in that I thought was worth keeping alive. So, now it's back in virtual land. 

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